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We believe private lessons are the best way to learn the sport of fly fishing. If you are a beginner, expert or mixed group we can tailor the content and location of the lesson to suit your needs. Suggested private classes include:

Class Information

We are the only fly fishing school in Alberta with the Casting Analyzer and the Videolyzer! Walter Simbirski, WylD Outfitter's chief instructor has taught hundreds of students between the ages of 6 and 85. He is a Master Certified Casting Instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers so you know you are getting the best instruction possible.

Bring your own equipment to classes to get familiar with it or use ours. We can provide rods, reels, lines and flies where necessary. For on the water classes students must bring a license and waders if necessary. We recommend wearing a hat and glasses during casting or on the water classes.

The cost for lessons is $50 per hour regardless of group size.

To arrange a lesson contact Walter at 403-613-7495 or email us at


"Walter is one of the most knowledgeable fly casting instructors I've ever known. He has demonstrated his superb grasp of fly casting details over the past three years as an active member of our Master Fly Casting Study Group. This is an unofficial international group of over 200 fly casting teachers representing nine countries World wide. These instructors are devoted to the teaching of fly casting. They stay abreast of the most advanced modern teaching techniques. A student of fly casting at any level will be indeed fortunate to have him as an instructor." (Gordy Hill, Master Casting Instructor, Casting Board of Governors, Federation of Fly Fishers)

"Walter's understanding of casting mechanics has been instrumental to my growth as a caster and instructor. I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning about casting." (Chase Jablonski, Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor)

"Walter is an exceptional fly fishing teacher, who is generous in praise and has an engineer's eye for the details." (Anita Wolf, Owner of the Reel Hookers Club, dedicated to enhancing the involvement of women in the sport of fly fishing, Certified Casting Instructor)